Monday, October 10, 2011

Wednesday- Last Day for Tickets to Dinners!

Is your mouth watering yet?  Buy your tickets before Wednesday HERE.

Trattoria Stella Dinner Menu with Chef Myles Anton 

Lardo, rosemary, parsley, crostino

house peperoncini, fennel, soft onions, lemon

Chicharron, currants, opal basil, tomato agrodolce, white potatoes, cracked black pepper
Warm smoked country sausage, Robiola Rocchetta cheese, bibb lettuce, arugula, pistachios, chives
Pancetta, garganelli,  golden & hothouse tomatoes, Parmeggiano Reggiano, cream
Leaf fat-larded , caul fat wrapped,  & seared, savory & thyme, braised red cabbage, five hour sauce, Marsala
Chocolate blood cake, porcini mushroom & gianduiotto gelato, balsamic & honey

Charcuterie Wine Dinner Menu with Chef Brian Polcyn

pairings with local wines and beers
Hagerty Center

Michigan Mangalista Lardo

Assorted Mangalista Charcuterie plate with house made Cherry Mustard

Hand rolled potato gnocchi with Spalla, Cippilini, onions and Lobster Mushrooms

Pan Seared Glacier Springs Trout, with white corn mash and Crispy Pancetta Vinaigrette

Mangalista Pork Shoulder Confit with roast garlic Sausage, fennel gratin, Pigs ears and Spuma

Dessert : TBA

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