Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Menu : Tuesday ... Chef Myles at Stella

Chef Myles Anton said this about PigstockTC 2010

"In my career as a chef, whole animal butchery is the next logical step. It makes sense environmentally, spiritually and financially. Since November 2010, I have handled countless different heritage pigs (Mangalitsa, Duroc-Yorkshires, Duroc-Berkshire), fifteen Suffolk lambs, and four half Holstein cows. Utilizing these whole animals has decreased Stella's footprint on the environment, challenged my creativity as a chef, and exposed our guests to unique cuts & preparations. At the end of the day, it makes my soul feel good to show the ultimate respect to these animals and celebrate them wholly."

Stella welcomes "Pigstock"

fat : lardo, rosemary, crostino

head : house perperonci, fennel, soft onions, lemon

skin : chicharron, currants, opal basil, tomato agrodolce, white potatoes, cracked black pepper

grind : warm county style sausage, Robiola Rocchetta cheese, bibb lettuce, arugula, pistachios, chives

belly : pancetta (al la Chef Brian), garganelli, golden & hothouse tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, cream

loin : lightly smoked, caul fat wrapped & seared, savory & sage, braised red cabbage, five-hour sauce,         Marsala

blood : chocolate blood cake, porcini mushroom & gianduotto gelato, carmel

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