Sunday, October 23, 2011


Coverage by Jeff Smith, Traverse Magazine of the event

Pigstock, a Traverse City Premier Culinary Event

Thanks Jeff
And yes, we're already planning for next year

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Menu : Wednesday @ Hagerty with Chef Polcyn

Closing dinner presented by Chef Brian Polcyn
with Chef Bob Rodriguez and Chef Corburn MacNaughton

Chef Polcyn worked up a menu featuring both Old World items and New World approaches

A real tour de force

Old World:

First : Michigan Mangalitsa lardo naturale

Second : Salumi
black pepper Coppa, orange fennel Lomo, Spala (4 month), Prosciutto de Michigan (12 month)

Third : Charcuterie
Pate Grand Mere, dried tart cherry mustard, sweet pickle chips
Chef Bob's Concord grape cumberland Sauce

New World:

Fourth : hand rolled gnocchi with guanciale, cipollini onions and lobster mushrooms

Fifth : Pan seared Trout
Egg & Bacon Palette, Sweet Corn Sauce, Parsley Fat and Spuma

Sixth : Confit of pork shoulder with smoked hunter sausage, fresh bratwurst (made this morning), fennel gratin, fall vegetables and port wine reduction

Desert : honey poached pears, with Greek yogurt, fresh bay leaf and Amaretto

All paired with various wines from Black Star Farms, Chateau de Leelanau, Chateau Chantal and Right Brain Mangalitsa Porter


Brian getting started on Charcuterie Demo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Menu : Tuesday ... Chef Myles at Stella

Chef Myles Anton said this about PigstockTC 2010

"In my career as a chef, whole animal butchery is the next logical step. It makes sense environmentally, spiritually and financially. Since November 2010, I have handled countless different heritage pigs (Mangalitsa, Duroc-Yorkshires, Duroc-Berkshire), fifteen Suffolk lambs, and four half Holstein cows. Utilizing these whole animals has decreased Stella's footprint on the environment, challenged my creativity as a chef, and exposed our guests to unique cuts & preparations. At the end of the day, it makes my soul feel good to show the ultimate respect to these animals and celebrate them wholly."

Stella welcomes "Pigstock"

fat : lardo, rosemary, crostino

head : house perperonci, fennel, soft onions, lemon

skin : chicharron, currants, opal basil, tomato agrodolce, white potatoes, cracked black pepper

grind : warm county style sausage, Robiola Rocchetta cheese, bibb lettuce, arugula, pistachios, chives

belly : pancetta (al la Chef Brian), garganelli, golden & hothouse tomatoes, Parmigiano Reggiano, cream

loin : lightly smoked, caul fat wrapped & seared, savory & sage, braised red cabbage, five-hour sauce,         Marsala

blood : chocolate blood cake, porcini mushroom & gianduotto gelato, carmel

All set

All set to go ... this morning at Hagerty 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Menu : Mission Table

Chef Paul did a full on smack down tonight

"Not so Pigstock Dinner"

scallop: with santucci empire apple, cauliflower, turnip

pasta: with local leeks, eggplant, pigstock 2010 prosciutto

sweet breads: with braising greens, capers, radish, brown butter

chicken: bakers acres with cranberry beans, fig

venison: drettmann ranch loin, santucci chestnut, pear, baby carrot

cake : chestnut chocolate, apple, whisky, chestnut ice cream by jehni olsen

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coverage in Northern Express

Last week’s column on the Pig Roast event at The Cook’s sparked a few e-mails of protest. I guess not everyone is a pig roast fan. Amidst the e-mails against having a Pig Roast I heard from JT Hoagland telling me about Pigstock TC 2011, a second annual event that is all about hogs.
Now in its second year, Pigstock, hosted by Cherry Capital Foods of Traverse City, is a fourday event that starts Sunday October 16 and features an array of events from learning how to slaughter a hog to touring local wineries to how to cook whole animals along with a wine dinner.
“This event is about creating a new industry here in Northern Michigan,” said Hoagland. “My goal in continuing with this is to raise the awareness of issues like charcuterie Ideally, we’ll foster a charcuterie industry with several businesses, not just one, in Northern Michigan. This, in turn can enhance the local ag-economy.”
Pigstock will offer several classes featuring organ cooking and seam butchery (taught by Christoph and Isabel Wiesner, from Austria), as well as Charcuterie with Chef Brian Polcyn who wrote the award-winning book on the topic.
Participants are coming from all over and space does remain for some activities and classes. Chef Myles Anton will host a special Mangalitsa themed dinner on Tuesday night (these are hogs, bred for their fat, not a lean pig). Pigstock will wrap up on Wednesday night with Five-course wine and charcuterie dinner presented by Chef Brian Polcyn. For tickets and additional information check out --Rick Coates


It seems like everything is “going to the pigs” around here. Pig roasts, now this week is Pigstock TC 2011 (see Tastemakers) and how much more pig do we really need? How about Pig Beer?
Yes, leave it to the inventive brew team at Right Brain Brewery to come up with this one. Last month they brewed Mangalitsa Pig Porter, a beer that actually has pig in it. The brewing process included four cold-smoked Mangalitsa pig heads—brains removed,—and bags of bones in each batch of porter.
The beer was a big hit at the 30th annual Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, where more than 500 breweries presented their brews to over 50,000 participants. The GABF is also a beer competition and the Right Brain Brewery Mangalitsa Pig Porter took home the Gold Medal in the Experimental Beer Category.
Okay so, it is very experimental but is it drinkable. Participants at the GABF thought so voting it was one of the top five beers at the Festival. It’s a virtual pig roast in a pint with a smoky, bacon fl avor and is remarkably very drinkable.
Produced in limited quantities this brew will not last long. It is available only at the brewery.
Speaking of Right Brain Brewery they have outgrown their Warehouse District location and are planning a move (still within the Traverse City limits) near Sixteenth and Cass soon. They are not able to keep up with production at their current location and need to double the size of their production to keep up with demand. No word if they plan to brew a second batch of the Pig Porter so try it while it lasts. --Rick Coates

Monday, October 10, 2011

Wednesday- Last Day for Tickets to Dinners!

Is your mouth watering yet?  Buy your tickets before Wednesday HERE.

Trattoria Stella Dinner Menu with Chef Myles Anton 

Lardo, rosemary, parsley, crostino

house peperoncini, fennel, soft onions, lemon

Chicharron, currants, opal basil, tomato agrodolce, white potatoes, cracked black pepper
Warm smoked country sausage, Robiola Rocchetta cheese, bibb lettuce, arugula, pistachios, chives
Pancetta, garganelli,  golden & hothouse tomatoes, Parmeggiano Reggiano, cream
Leaf fat-larded , caul fat wrapped,  & seared, savory & thyme, braised red cabbage, five hour sauce, Marsala
Chocolate blood cake, porcini mushroom & gianduiotto gelato, balsamic & honey

Charcuterie Wine Dinner Menu with Chef Brian Polcyn

pairings with local wines and beers
Hagerty Center

Michigan Mangalista Lardo

Assorted Mangalista Charcuterie plate with house made Cherry Mustard

Hand rolled potato gnocchi with Spalla, Cippilini, onions and Lobster Mushrooms

Pan Seared Glacier Springs Trout, with white corn mash and Crispy Pancetta Vinaigrette

Mangalista Pork Shoulder Confit with roast garlic Sausage, fennel gratin, Pigs ears and Spuma

Dessert : TBA

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're changing the program

For qualified chefs and food service buyers, we're dropping the program fee.

Contact us for package pricing on rooms at the BayShore Inn.

Want to order a Mangalitsa before the event, contact Cherry Capital Foods 231-943-5010