Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Menu : Wednesday @ Hagerty with Chef Polcyn

Closing dinner presented by Chef Brian Polcyn
with Chef Bob Rodriguez and Chef Corburn MacNaughton

Chef Polcyn worked up a menu featuring both Old World items and New World approaches

A real tour de force

Old World:

First : Michigan Mangalitsa lardo naturale

Second : Salumi
black pepper Coppa, orange fennel Lomo, Spala (4 month), Prosciutto de Michigan (12 month)

Third : Charcuterie
Pate Grand Mere, dried tart cherry mustard, sweet pickle chips
Chef Bob's Concord grape cumberland Sauce

New World:

Fourth : hand rolled gnocchi with guanciale, cipollini onions and lobster mushrooms

Fifth : Pan seared Trout
Egg & Bacon Palette, Sweet Corn Sauce, Parsley Fat and Spuma

Sixth : Confit of pork shoulder with smoked hunter sausage, fresh bratwurst (made this morning), fennel gratin, fall vegetables and port wine reduction

Desert : honey poached pears, with Greek yogurt, fresh bay leaf and Amaretto

All paired with various wines from Black Star Farms, Chateau de Leelanau, Chateau Chantal and Right Brain Mangalitsa Porter

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