Thursday, October 18, 2012

Local Press

Good stuff in the Record Eagle 

We're going to hit the ground running

Also, since we are changing the program, with less in the way of scheduled meals for participants, here are some local places

This is NOT an exclusive list, just representing chefs that are either participating or attending, and in no ranking order, also only listing ones that are in or close to Traverse City

BTW : if you want us to add to this list, just let us know

Bistro FouFou (was Hanna)
LaBecasse' (Burdickville)
Mission Table (Bowers Harbor)
Boathouse Restaurant (Bowers Harbor)
Cook's House
Trattoria Stella
The Riverside (Leland)
Black Star Farms (Sutton's Bay)

And let's not forget brews and wines
Here are participating breweries/wineries (but please note that there are over 30 in the region, please support them as well)

Right Brain Brewery
Left Foot Charley
Brys Estates
Ch√Ęteau Fontaine
Shady Lane
Black Star Farms

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