Monday, November 29, 2010

PigStockTC 2010 Wrap Up from @caterleelanau

PigStock TC was designed as an educational event for professional chefs and was planned and sponsored by Cherry Capital Foods and Michigan Mangalitza. The event focused on a farm to table, nose to tail culinary extravaganza. Andy and I were lucky enough to be a part of the experience as participants. We went through the entire process of slaughtering the pig to cooking and curing all the parts. The event was focused on the Mangalitza pig-a hearty breed originally from Hungary, the Mangalitza are prized for the quality of their fat (less saturated and higher in Oleic Acid) and are a superior breed for all charcuterie applications.

The first day broke clear and cold and was held on the farm at Bakers Green Acres in Marion, MI. Mark and Jill Baker, who raised the pigs for 18 months, assisted Christoph and Isabela Wiesner of the Austrian Mangalitsa Breeders Association. They walked us though the slaughter, cleaning the pig, obtaining and cleaning the organs and initial breakdown of the pig into halves. We were also treated to two delicious meals from Eric and Jen at The Cooks House and given a tour of the farm.

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